Leasys is the first Italian player in the long-term rental sector to launch a private car sharing tool.

Your car costs money to run, says Leasys, even though it remains unused. Do you want to pick up some cash when you’re not using it? Well, don’t keep it in the garage: lend it against payment to someone who doesn’t own one and wishes to drive it only as long as he needs to.
Simple, isn’t it? Let me introduce you to U Go: the new social car sharing platform, of which we created front end and UX analysis, signing the creativity of design and contents, while Blue Reply colleagues dealt with back-end development.

Intuitive and fun starting with the name, U Go integrates car sharing peer-to-peer and exclusive car rental solutions, and solves the need for mobility and saving in a few simple clicks. Allows those (U Go Player) who own a car to share it when unused, and on the other hand those (U Go User) who are seeking for a car, to find it quickly, to drive it for an agreed period and then to hand it back.

It’s enough to access the responsive website or to download the app and register. After creating the respective accounts, including the car’s data and photos and availability time slots, Player and User are notified when the rental offer matches a request. The next step is a rendez-vous to deliver the car keys. Finally, when the journey is over, after returning the car, it’s possible to share the rating of the experience: this feedback will help to determine the mutual reputation of Player and User.

But it's not over: U Go is also present on social networks Facebook and Instagram with the initiative "Share with U Go", which provides up to € 50 in Amazon vouchers for players who share the car and up to € 25 for all users - both Player and User - who receive a positive review.

The future for cars? Sharing. In the next season of mobility, with new technologies and new business models, while waiting for the self-driving car, car sharing will be an indisputable protagonist.

Credits: Executive Creative Director: Francesco Milanesio; UX Designer: Silvia Ghezzi, Giulia Rosso; Art Director: Emanuele Zangirolami; Graphic Designer: Simone Cicchiello; Copywriter: Patrizia Chiaramonte, Andrea Omegna.