New business for Triplesense Reply, which consolidates the diversification process undertaken in recent months. At the end of a creative pitch, the agency won the bid launched by Miele Italia, a leading brand in the premium household appliances sector, for the development of integrated omnichannel communication.
Starting from January 2021, Triplesense Reply will support Miele Italia with a creative team on all strategic touchpoints for the brand.

The assignment at Triplesense Reply follows the arrival of a New Marketing Director for Miele Italia, Andrea D'Aloia, whose strategic thinking is focused on the importance of premium appliances in simplifying everyday life and improving the quality of life of the people who they own them.

A vision of "human centered" excellence that is combined with the "Big Picture" method chosen by Triplesense Reply: listening to people and the brand, focusing on individual strategic objectives, defining the areas of intervention, designing creative concepts and detailed action plans according to the objectives.

"We are very happy to be given this assignment", said Francesco Milanesio, Executive Creative Director of Triplesense Reply, "MIELE has an extraordinary creative potential, because of the undisputed excellence of its products. We can't wait to get to work ".