On schedule, a full calendar of conferences, workshops, performances, exhibitions, workshops.

Torino Digital Days, happy days. From 6 to 9 February 2019, Torino finds its authentic DNA of innovation capital, with an event that involves a wide audience of public and private actors, large companies and institutional realities. On schedule, a full calendar of conferences, workshops, performances, exhibitions, workshops, but also musical events, food & drink.

For us, Triplesense Replier, TDD will be "hot" days. In addition to supporting the event as a sponsor, in fact, we will share our experience and our business know-how with three different speeches: Wednesday 6th, Emanuele De Donno and Francesco Sica will present "Customer Experience Design: challenges and solutions"; Thursday 7th, Chiara Fissore and Jacopo Moretto will talk about the creative process and the "Human Centric Design" that are at the base of the implementation of a chatbot; and finally, Friday 8th, Niccolò Magnani, Associate Partner in Triplesense Reply, will be among the protagonists of the Main Event at the Teatro Vittoria: together with Marco Magagnini, Partner of Data Reply, he will invite us to explore the revolutionary technology of "Quantum Computing" and its potential effects on marketing.

At the center of everything, the theme “Digital is real”. The key idea is to show how digital solutions are the heart of a transformation that pervades different sectors of business and lifestyle: design, food, entertainment, sport, mobility, business, culture, communication.

During all the Digital Days, large space will be dedicated to in-depth analysis in the various strategic areas: social media, 3D, virtual reality, electronic invoicing, blockchain, fundraising, gamification, influencer marketing, artificial intelligence.

The high point will be the Main Event on Friday 8th, when the Vittoria Theater will open its doors to professionals and large companies in the digital world for a comparison and reflection on how we have changed our way of living, traveling, moving, informing, buying, to start relationship. And how it is possible to use digital process and product innovations to create efficiency, reduce waste, recover competitiveness, break down barriers and shorten distances.
And finally, lots of space for networking. In fact, at the heart of the Main Event, as well as the other Digital Days, there is the intention to bring businesses, institutions, professionals and citizens closer together: all equally actors and spectators, all beneficiaries of the great digital transformation in progress.